Total Results with ProCoach $95

An intensive, habit-based nutrition and strength program, designed to help you finally look and feel you absolute best. Exercise alone doesn’t work for weight loss, and restrictive, fad diets don’t work either.  What does work is changing habits and continually making choices that support weight loss goals.  This is accomplished by engaging in challenging strength workouts and for nutrition, by breaking down the thing we want to do (goal) into specific aptitudes (skills), and building those aptitudes (skills) through strategic daily habits (practices).  If you’re tired of bouncing from diet to diet and never achieving lasting results, then this program is for you.

Six Week to Shape Up $90

Six weeks of individualized strength training to get you on your way to looking and feeling better.  You’ll be provided with three to four challenging strength training workouts per week, delivered using the Trainerize fitness app.  Training sessions will start at your fitness level and gradually progress in difficulty to increase your muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.  All workouts can be modified to meet your fitness level.  Basic nutrition guidance is also provided.

Weekly check ins (with communication via email, messaging aps or phone calls/video call) and weigh-ins will assess your progress and gauge program effectiveness.

After six weeks, training is programmed monthly at $60 per month.

GetStrong! Online $35

GetStrong! Online includes a month of fun, challenging workouts delivered via our online training app.  This is not an individual training plan but all exercises can be modified to meet your fitness levels.  Programming includes two strength workouts, one HIIT (high intensity interval training)/abs workout, two cardio workouts, and two active recovery days.  You can join as an individual or grab a training partner or a group of friends and start your own group!