Training Programs


Individual Programs start at $75

Triad’s customized online training is designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Each program includes a strength training program, cardio and flexibility programming, and nutritional guidance.  It offers access to an online training app and one-on-one support designed to quickly get you on the road to achieving new levels of fitness and strength.  General nutritional counseling is also offered to support training and weight loss goals.


GetStrong! Online group program starts at $35

GetStrong! Online includes a month of fun, challenging workouts delivered via our online training app.  This is not an individual training plan but all exercises can be modified to meet your fitness levels.  Programming includes two strength workouts, one HIIT (high intensity interval training)/abs workout, two cardio workouts, and two active recovery days.  You can join as an individual or grab a training partner or a group of friends and start your own group!