The incredible, edible egg

Keeping with the protein-themed blogs, let’s chat about eggs.

Eggs can be a part of a healthy diet.  “Choose a variety of nutrient-dense protein foods, such as beans and peas, eggs, fat-free (skim) or low-fat (1%) dairy products, lean meats and poultry, seafood, soy products, and unsalted nuts and seeds.” – US Department of Agriculture.  Click here for an informative .pdf about protein from the USDA.

Growing up I was never really a fan, especially of hard boiled eggs.

My mom would boil about two dozen eggs at Easter so we could have fun dyeing them, but then had to eat most of them herself!  But now that I’m older and have become more interested in growing muscle and  getting enough protein, I’ve incorporated a hardboiled egg into my diet a couple of times a week.  You can’t beat (ha!) the ease of making them and their portability.


Egg Cup Recipe


Egg Cups


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