“I Love Working Out Now” – DeShaun Takes Charge

One of my main joys in life is helping women develop the confidence to take control of their fitness – it seems that my goal is to put myself out of a job!  Almost two years ago DeShaun started the GetStrong! program and the changes she’s made in her life and her health are such an inspiration!  Read her story:

“I am in my mid-3os and have been diagnosed with hypertension for seven years.  I knew something had to be done.  I did not know where to begin and was becoming overwhelmed with all the fitness and health programs that are out there to choose from.”

“I was scared and knew absolutely nothing about working out.  Thoughts flooded my brain as to could I actually “hang in there” and do this or would the program actually help me achieve my goals.”

“The GetStrong! program motivated and encouraged novice learners like me to grow to intermediate and advanced learners which increased a love of fitness and health.  I love working out now and GetStrong! helped me find that passion!”

“I am thankful for the GetStrong! program, the bonds and friendships I have formed, but most of all Ms. Kathy for her constant encouragement and guidance.”

DeShaun lost 58 pounds in 18 months.  The GetStrong! program, in addition to DeShaun’s own workouts, a medically-supervised weight control program and her diligent meal planning and discipline allowed her to lose the weight and keep it off!

Triad has many individualized training programs plus nutrition counseling plans to help you regain your health and live a stronger, fitter life:

“Fit and Healthy” Individual Programming ($75)

Exercise improves heart health, makes our muscles and bones stronger, and promotes and maintains weight loss.  It enables us to do the things we want to do in life.  “Fit and Healthy” includes a month of individualized programming to help you live the life you want to live. Assessment, two strength sessions plus cardio programming each week, based on your goals.  Includes weekly check ins, access to training app, exercise descriptions and videos.  (Program only – $55)

Feel Better/Look Better 30-day Nutrition Plan ($150)

A more personalized approach to nutrition.  Includes assessments of current habits, goal setting with weekly feedback, macronutrient targets, sample meal plan, recipe sharing, and motivation tips.

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